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Bathrobe with Zipper

A zip-up bathrobe for every moment

An improved version of the original bathrobe, that is Balboa's. What's new about these bathrobes? Balboa has a bathrobe with a zipper! So you no longer have to worry about tying or twisting loose belt belts. Another advantage of this bathrobe with zipper is of course that you can no longer lose the band of your bathrobe, because you now have a bathrobe with a smooth zipper to ensure that your baths stay in place. Balboa's bathrobes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, because Balboa finds it important that you live an active life, but also have enough relaxation.

More than a zip-up bathrobe

Balboa is more than a bathrobe, it's a lounge cardigan in style. The fabric of the bathrobes is super soft from bamboo and therefore very comfortable for your relaxing moments. Also, the bathrobes do not have awkward long sleeves, but they are equipped with cuffs with thumb holes for extra convenience. Balboa considers high quality important and makes its bathrobes from a special fabric so that your lounge vest will last for years (whether you mainly lie on the couch with it or often go out with it). A bathrobe with zipper, a spacious hood, pockets and of high quality is Balboa's bathrobe of the future.

How do I keep my Balboa zippered bathrobe beautiful?

Fortunately, your bathrobe with a zipper can simply be washed in the washing machine and ironing is not necessarily necessary. This saves you time, so that you can relax even more. We recommend that you wash your zip-up bathrobe at a low temperature, for example 30°C, with similar colours. This temperature is not only good for your bathrobe, but of course also for the environment. After washing, you can hang the bathrobe on a clothes hanger and ironing is no longer necessary. This way you take good care of your Balboa bathrobe and you can enjoy it for an extra long time.

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