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For sports, wellness and relaxation

Balboa makes luxurious bamboo lounge vests for men, women and children. Silky soft, super sturdy and beautifully finished. Balboa is called the bathrobe of the future because of its innovative design, made to maximize chilling


Dutch design

✔️ Premium finishing

✔️ Slender silhouette

✔️ Elasticated waist

✔️ Elastic long cuffs

✔️ Welt pockets

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Chillwear for champions

✔️ Oversized hoodie

✔️ Bamboo fabric

✔️ Smooth zipper

✔️ Chin guard

✔️ Cuffs with thumb slits

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For all ages

More than a bathrobe

In every way more than a bathrobe. Made with our signature silky soft bamboo-based fabric and equipped with functional features that make your moments of relaxation as pleasant as possible.

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Your comfortable cocoon

Balboa has developed the bathrobe of the future. A soft and comfortable cocoon with functional features that make your moments of relaxation as pleasant as possible. 

Made from a soft, lightweight andbreathable bamboo-based fabric.Our oversized hoodie has an inside finishing with our signature silky soft bamboo-based fabric. No traditional wide sleeves, but practical cuffswith comfortable thumb slits. 

Equipped with asolid smooth zipperand ton-sur-tonpipingto prevent pilling after years of intensive in- and outdoor usage. Balboa offersafter-activity-wearsuitable for every time and place.

Easy like sunday morning. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Time is the only thing we can never beat. Time is undefeated. This is why we believe it's better to have time on your side. Don’t fight time.Balboa enables you to balance an active lifestyle with time to slow down, and aims to inspire you to treat time with love and respect.One way to do so, is by taking time for yourself, to take good care of your mind and body and for the people you love.

  • Balboa offers bamboo lounge vests especially designed for going places, enabling you to create balance and smooth transitions between activity and relaxation. 

    Whether you’re going swimming, playing a soccer match, baking a pile of pancakes or heading for a weekend of wellness, Balboa allows you to relax more often, more openly and more deeply.

    You can start creating your own Balboa moments today.

Balboa is for everyone who seeks balance in an active lifestyle