Balboa is de luxe badjas voor vrouwen

Balboa is the luxurious bathrobe for women

Balboa is the bathrobe of the future. Because what could be nicer than a lovely, soft and luxurious bathrobe for women? The Balboa bathrobe is made for the ultimate balance between effort and relaxation. Balboa values ​​an active and diverse lifestyle, but also values ​​leisure and relaxation. It is the ultimate lounge vest with a large hood, smooth zipper and spacious pockets. The luxurious bathrobe women is available in colours: raspberry rose, ocean blue, sunshine yellow and forest green. In which color do you want to relax? Now choose the luxurious bathrobe women that suits you based on your favorite hooded sweater. The bathrobe is also available for men and children .

Luxury bathrobe for women made of bamboo fabric

The luxurious bathrobe women is made of sustainable bamboo fabric and is therefore soft, light and breathable. Another advantage to the luxurious bathrobe women is that it absorbs even more moisture than a towel. The bathrobes are wrinkle resistant, eliminating the need for ironing and allowing more time for relaxation. Balboa's bathrobes are suitable for any place and any time, because they can be worn both indoors and outdoors. This way you don't only have to wear your bathrobe on the couch, but you can also wear it during your favorite active activities! Sports, wellness, relaxation or simply going to the supermarket, with the Balboa bathrobe it's all possible. . What will you do first with your new bathrobe?

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