Een duurzame badjas van Balboa

A sustainable bathrobe from Balboa

Balboa considers the environment important and therefore provides a sustainable bathrobe. The bathrobes are made of sustainable bamboo-based fabrics and are available in different colours. The durable bathrobe offers comfort due to the soft fabric, the oversized hood and practical cuffs. A Balboa is suitable for any time and place. The durable bathrobe has been specially developed for relaxing in, but also for going out. Balboa believes it is important not only to create a sustainable bathrobe, but also to stimulate sustainable use. That is why Balboa recommends washing the bathrobe at a low temperature and not putting it in the dryer or ironing it. Hanging the durable bathrobe on a clothes hanger is enough and in this way it will last a lifetime.

A sustainable life starts with a sustainable bathrobe from Balboa

Balboa also hopes that you choose your size and color carefully, so that too many unnecessary packages do not have to travel back and forth. But if it really doesn't fit, you can always exchange your sustainable bathrobe! A Balboa bathrobe is available for women, men and children and in different sizes and colours. Balboa values ​​an active and varied lifestyle. where you also take enough time for yourself. So take some more time for yourself, but also for others and create Balboa moments. Choose the bathrobe that suits you best now and wrap yourself in the bathrobe of the future.

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