Korte badjas dames

Women's short bathrobe

Short bathrobe for women

As a woman, you prefer to take time for yourself in a women's bathrobe from Balboa. Not in an old-fashioned long bathrobe with awkward sleeves or a loose belt, but a short bathrobe for women with a smooth zipper and completely in style. The women's short bathrobe is available in the calm colors of pink, yellow, blue and green. A lounge vest from Balboa is the women's short bathrobe of the future. Imagine yourself in a super soft and comfortable cocoon from Balboa and enjoy the innovative functionalities to relax optimally. Do you already want a Balboa short bathrobe ladies? The chill-tech of the bathrobes also ensures ultimate relaxation for men, so that they can wrap themselves in a soft and durable terry cloth. Are Balboa bathrobes also suitable for children? Naturally! Balboa bathrobes are made for adventure and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Balboa bathrobe of the future is suitable for everyone. The bathrobes are also available in various colors for men and children.

When do you put on a balboa bathrobe?

Balboa is suitable for relaxing in the wellness or providing comfort during your sports match. The bamboo bathrobes are specially designed for going out, but also for enjoying at home in your own comfortable cocoon. What else does Balboa offer? The bathrobes have a soft bamboo fabric, a nice large hood, fitted sleeves and a zipper for extra comfort. Balboa's bathrobes are for anyone who is looking for a balance between an active lifestyle and taking enough time for yourself and for others. The high quality and special fabric ensures that your bathrobe will last for a long time. The bathrobes are available in multiple colors for men, women and children. Do you already feel like chilling in the bathrobe of the future? Order your short bathrobe for women today.

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