Balboa badjas voor Moederdag

Here are 5 great activities for Mother's Day: relax, create and enjoy together!

Here are five fun activities you can do with your mom this Mother's Day, while you both stay in your robes:

  • Organize a spa day at home: put on relaxing music, light candles and make DIY face masks together or prepare a relaxing bath with bath bombs for your mother. Don't forget to keep some fruit and a smoothie close at hand and enjoy your own personal spa day in your bathrobes
  • Watch your favourite movies or series together: curl up on the couch under a blanket and watch your favourite movies or binge watch your favourite series while you stay in your bathrobes. Make it extra cozy with some popcorn, chocolate and a delicious cup of tea.
  • Get creative together: buy a canvas and some paint and make a work of art together. Or, create a scrapbook with your favorite photos and memories. Being creative can be relaxing and fun, and it's even more fun to do it with your mom.
  • Organize a game day: get out the board games and play games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Catan together. Make it extra cozy by serving some tasty snacks and drinks while you chill in your bathrobe



  • Do a yoga session: put on a yoga video and do a yoga session together. It's a great way to unwind, stretch and spend some quality time together. You can even try learning new yoga poses and helping each other.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to have a cozy and relaxed Mother's Day in your bathrobes. If your mother is looking for a new bathrobe, this is of course the time to give her one as a gift.

The Balboa is not an old-fashioned bathrobe. Balboa's design team has developed the very best luxury lounge vest with which you can make every moment as relaxed as possible. A super soft, comfortable cocoon with useful innovations.

Each Balboa is made from a warm, lightweight bamboo-based fabric. This is super sturdy, washable and lasts a long time. Moreover, bamboo is a sustainable choice. So check out all the colours and choose your favourite for each family member. Because Balboas are for the biggest and the smallest, the youngest and the oldest. And don't forget about yourself!

Each Balboa has a spacious hood to dive into. Long practical cuffs with thumbholes. No clumsy belt but a sturdy smooth zipper. With special ton-sur-ton piping to prevent wear. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You can find your mother's favourite color bathrobe here.

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Happy Mother's day!


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