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Women's luxury bathrobes

With zipper and oversized hoodie

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Enjoy more beautiful moments together

For sauna and wellness, after exercise and on the couch

Balboa wants to inspire you to spend more time on yourself, your love and your family. That's why Balboa makes luxurious bamboo lounge vests for women, men and children that make every moment as comfortable as possible. This way you can enjoy more beautiful moments of relaxation together.

Luxury bathrobes

Dutch design

✔️ Premium finish - More than a bathrobe

✔️ Elastic waist - For an elegant fit

✔️ Closing long cuffs - Never get your sleeve in jam again

✔️ Practical side pockets - Don't lose your stuff anymore

Shop Sunshine Yellow bathrobe

Supremely soft bamboo lounge vests

Chillwear for champions

✔️ Oversized hood - Your own cocoon

✔️ Special bamboo fabric - Durable and breathable

✔️ Smooth double zipper - Open and close from both sides

✔️Comfortable Thumbholes - For extra comfort

Shop Forest Green bathrobe

For young and old

Ultimate relaxation

Each Balboa is made from a wonderfully warm, lightweight bamboo-based fabric. This is super sturdy, easy to wash and lasts a very long time. So take a look at all the colors and choose your favorite for each family member. Because Balboas are for the biggest and the smallest, the youngest and the oldest.

Shop Raspberry Rose bathrobe

Men's bathrobes with zipper

Suitable for outside and inside

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Easy like sunday morning. Anytime, anywhere.

Children's bathrobes with zipper and a large hoodie

Ideal for after swimming lessons or sports

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