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Hooded bathrobe

Ultimate enjoyment in your hooded bathrobe

Are you looking for an ultimate moment of relaxation? Then of course you prefer to do that in your bathrobe. Balboa understands this all too well and that is why we have designed the bathrobe of the future. The hooded bathrobe is super comfortable and equipped with innovative functionalities so that you can relax completely. The hooded bathrobe provides warmth, is soft and durable and is available in calm colours. Are you looking for a balance between an active lifestyle and relaxation? Find a Balboa hooded bathrobe that suits you Make more time for yourself and for each other.

What are the benefits of a Balboa hooded bathrobe?

The hooded bathrobe is also provided with a super soft fabric inside the hood. The hooded bathrobe also no longer has clunky sleeves, but thumbholes on the sleeves for extra comfort. Due to the modern touch of the Balboa, the bathrobes change into lounge vests and are therefore the bathrobes of the future. These lounge vests are suitable for any place and any time. Do you like to stay indoors on the couch? Enjoy the soft warm comfort of the hooded bathrobe. Do you prefer to be active outside? Then enjoy the fashionable look and convenience due to the spacious hood, smooth zipper and the high quality. The Balboa hooded bathrobe is suitable for men , women and children .

Good for you and the environment

Balboa considers the environment important and that is why the bathrobes are made of a sustainable fabric. We also take the environment into account during production. That is why we would like to ask you to choose your Balboa carefully, so that bathrobes are not sent back and forth unnecessarily. If you are really not satisfied, an exchange and return is of course possible. In order to think a little about the environment even after purchasing your bathrobe, we recommend that you wash the bathrobe at a low temperature and do not iron it. Hang the Balboa on a coat hanger and the bathrobe will remain beautiful for a long time.

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